Expeditionary Innovation


Expeditionary Innovation is an innovation process that seeks to maximize the probability of a successful innovation for entrepreneurs. While it is better to fail fast than to fail late or fail expensive, it is better still to not fail. Uncertainty is a primary cause for the failure of startups – not only are we missing important knowledge, our intuition tells us to do exactly the wrong thing leading to failure.

Expeditionary innovation is designed to replace the unknown with the newly known. Drawing from the breadths of the scientific method, entrepreneurs can comfortably and confidently cycle between exploratory and informative experiments to target and acquire the knowledge needed to make the right decisions and succeed. These tools allow entrepreneurs to embrace uncertainty and solve problems that others cannot.

This book is adapted from an earlier book Entrepreneurial Innovation (2018) on the same topic. It is published for the first time here as Expeditionary Innovation with a shorter and more direct process.

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